Friday, March 13, 2009

March 13 2009

Friday afternoon and I’ve just come back from lunch down st Kilda. OMG rolly polly….

Phone had gone mad, first up fisher & paykel have got the parts for my dishwasher – yay, they can come and do the repairs on Tuesday – No more dish pan hands! Then a courier, who informs me that he is standing outside… outside where? My office? No at home and can he leave a parcel for me at the letterbox – hmmmm perhaps up the driveway at the front door would be better. In hind sight I should have told him to leave it in the horse float… never mind. Of course my mind goes into overtime wondering what it could be, I haven’t ordered anything… Perhaps it some beakers and containers for my first urine test – how exciting. Hmmmm Actually I think it will be my regular monthly delivery of beans from the coffee club I’m in – but the postie always just jams them into the letter box…

Called into Evelyn Faye’s yesterday to pick up some more supplements and after having a discussion with the sales rep, we’ve come to the conclusion that the reason I am puking in my deadlifting is due to the l-arginine in a pre-workout drink I’m having. I’m going to try cutting the dose and see how that goes.

Squats went well last night until the last single on 130. I took too long going down and couldn’t muscle it up, wanted to throw it back but as I had a spotter there I had to be careful and ended falling back with the bar, hitting the cross rails and uprights and whacking my shoulder into the bar – winded me something bad. Of course no sympathy from Leigh who proceeded to set up the bar for some box squat triples. Little sore still today but not as bad as I thought it would be and I’ll still be able to bench heavy tomorrow at MBS (she says hopefully).

In answer to Louise’s question… Back in the day when I was competing in bodybuilding, the lightest I competed was about 56kg and in that comp picture below I was around 60-61kg – off season back then was about 65kg a far cry from my now offseason of 71kg. Currently at 68.4kg with 3 weeks to comp day.

Off to the Pro show tomorrow afternoon and the King of the Bench comp – whoo-hoo.


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