Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 17 2009

After the fall in the squat rack the other night I discovered a nice bruise at the base of my neck.

Assistance work was done on Thursday night. Good mornings, hypers, shrugs and roman chair situps.

Sat - Heavy bench with SPLC. With Steve giving me comp calls for practice. Benching under PA rules you have to wait for a start call which is not the case for CAPO. Triples on 80kg - happy with that given that the shirt is large and not giving me a great deal of kick out off the chest.

Sunday: joined in with SPLC again for another squat session at Tim's suggestion - to check my depth before I compete. Kitted up, suit belt and wraps - 110kg. As they suspected I'm shallow, not by much but I'll really need to push down into suit and wraps. It was a good exercise to do and my 110's were confident and comfortable. I will probably squat light for this comp and concentrate on getting good technical lifts in. Jen video'd my set so I could see how high I was. I'll see if she still has it and post it up here.

Skip back to Sat night.... Here's some photo's from the Pro show.

Kai Green

I was disappointed to have missed the King of the Bench but here are the results:

1st. Shaun Bostock 325 KGs @ 144.2kgs (All Time New Austraila Record)
2nd. Nemo Strimic 280KGs @ 120.2kgs (New Austraila Record)
3rd. Marty Girvan 230KGs
4th. Daniel Portelli 220KGs
5th. Daniel Di Piscalli 210KGs
6th. Clint Gregan 200KGs
7th Steve Brown 200KGs


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Andy said...

Those guys are huge!

Sorry to hear about the bruise... No pain, no gain, i guess :p