Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday March 8

Right-oh, another week slides by.

Late in the week I called ASADA to ask for a password to logon to their whereabouts system, they were supposed to send one in the mail but with the deadline looming I thought I'd better get this out of the way sooner rather than later. So now I can report that I am 'ASADA compliant'. Although it was a surprise to me to find that I am MALE according my online profile. A quick call to the hotline and a chuckle with the helpdesk girl had that sorted out quickly.

When I say that I am compliant, well I have nominated one hour every day for the months of April, May and June where I will be 'anchored' for the hour. However, how does one nominate where one will be on a given day? particularly on weekend, a month or three in advance? Best effort I guess. The 'calendar' will have to be updated as necessary - at least its an online system...

I've also gone to the trouble of setting up appointments in my organizer with alarms to remind me when and where I have to be. I'm not risking any 'missed test'! Three misses in an 18 month period constitutes a minimum one year sanction. Knowing my dumb luck I'd be tripping down to Haighs or Toby's Estate to score a hit (haha chocolate or coffee) and forget my about 'ASADA hour' as I've called it in my organizer... chuckle.

Training has been a bit crap this week, I haven't been feeling 100%, just not my usual self and its shown in some poor performances. I've dropped weight at long last, down to 69kg and tonight squeezed myself into the red Inzer squat suit - 20 mins to get it on, 20mins, a broken nail and tortured finger tips to get it off.

I've almost finished the 2nd in the vampire series by Stephenie Meyer: Twilight and New Moon. I enjoyed the movie and both Madii and Leah said the book was even better, so here I am reading the series.... Not that romance or supernatural are really my kind of thing, but I am enjoying the escape. Although to be honest its left me feeling a little lonely, wishing I were not alone so much at night, but then again I don't want someone there all the time either, never again down that path. Just a big warm body to snuggle into sometimes. But I am so picky.... Someone bigger than me, at least by 15-20kg, there is no comfort in cuddling up to someone scrawny. I want to feel protected, from what I don't know... its not like I cant look after myself. Enuf dreaming.... back to reality... Perhaps I should just stick to reading crime novels :-)


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Louise said...

We're the same weight. Who'd've thunk?! Just out of interest, what was your fighting weight when you were bodybuilding?