Monday, February 02, 2009

Feb 2

Beach Dreaming....

For everyone that has complained that about not having a hot summer, I hope you are satisfied now! 45.1c on Friday. I was working from home and while I'm glad I didn't suffer through any power failures my evap. cooling wasn't coping too well, it was still 33+ inside the house. Later that night Leah, Andrew and I sat IN the Yarra river at Warrandyte along with a gazillion other people and their dogs.

Training Report

Well I'm not so stupid as to risk heat stroke.....

Wed Deadlift.

It was about 40c so I settled with doing speed work and got out fast

Speed deads 100kg 8x3 alternate sets conventional and sumo
pull thrus 100 4x12
reverse hypers 4x12
Thought about abs... went home

No training Thurs or Fri... Refer to river sitting instead....

Saturday Morning ME Bench @0700 (before the heat of the day - bullshit!)
Warmup with little little little dumbbells
front raise, side raise, bent raise, every raise.....
Raw bench - 40kgx6 50x6 60x5 70x4 75x2 80kg=fail x2 - such is a sticking point!
JM press 35 4x8
Floor press 20kg 4x10
Rear delts/ rotator cuff work

Sunday Squatting @0700 (again! - I must be mad)

warmed up to 75x 3 raw
90 x3 x3 with knee wraps then a double at 95.
Front squats 50kg 4x4
High pin squat 180kg 3x3 Pin 26 (FMR)

Around to Toby's Estate both mornings for post workout latte's and read of the paper.

Its that time again - rating's period starts this week and I note with much dismay that one evening there are 3 programs that I want to watch all on at the same time. Sheesh, Toppy 'only' has 2 tuners.... what to do, what to do? Ah-ha! Reconnect the old LG Set Top Box to component 1 of the TV and viola - third tuner. Yay, now I can record 2 shows on the Toppy and watch the third via component 1. Now all I have to deal with is IceTV interactive not sending down timers for channels 7, 9 or 10. SBS and ABC work fine! I guess I will have to resort to deleting the device and setting up all my timers again. Ughhh.


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