Monday, March 05, 2012

New cycle

Today, the start of a new training cycle....  More deadlifts, but still concentrating on posterior chain.

Had set a target of 170 for this morning's max deadlift, since I haven't pulled heavy  from the floor  in a while I thought best not to set too high an expectation.  Usually takes a few sessions to get back up to true maximal lift.  Never the less I managed to pull 180 with my lever belt undone. Couldn't get it closed 'cos I've put on "a bit of weight"  plus I'd taken the suit in when I was just 63kg....

Deads: Raw: 70x5, 100x5, 120x5
            1/2 suit: 140x5, 150x3, 160x2
            Straps up:  170x1 180x1 180x1 180xfail - let the bar get in front of me....

Pin squats: Raw: pin 13, 90kg 3x5
GM's 40kg 5x20
Abs & power runner 40kg 3x15


Thanks for the very nice comment Scott. xx    :-)

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