Thursday, October 04, 2012

MRI Results


The AC joint is normal, there is no undue degeneration and no evidence of narrowing of the subacromial space.

Considerable thickening of the subacromial bursa and there is a moderately diffuse tendinopathy involving the distal 2cm of the supraspinatus extending into infraspinatus and there is also a moderate tendinopathy of subscapularis.

Undersurface fraying of the footplate of supraspinatus is evident, there is a moderate sized joint effusion with evidence of synovitis.

The labrum  anteriorly is abnormal demonstrating truncation and a cleft involving the inferior third and there is almost certainly an irregular SLAP lesion with fraying of the anchor.


Widespread cuff pathology involving the distal 2cm of the supraspinatus and the anterior half of infraspinatus with undersurface fraying of supraspinatus, no full thickness tearing, no muscle wasting.

Mild insertional tendinopathy of subscapularis.

Fraying of the labrum anteriorly with a small cleft from 3 o'clock through the 6 o'clock and an irregular chronic SLAP lesion.

Extensive loss of cartilage involving the inferior third of the bony glenoid with varying size of subcortical cysts, moderate sized joint effusion with evidence of synovitis.


Some of the above I've been living with with out any issue.  The evidence of osteoarthritis is one of them.  Knowing what now is causing the pain is the key.  Likely the small tendon tear and resulting tendinitis along with the (pre-existing) slap lesion is the problem.  I've been referred to Greg Hoy, who repaired my left shoulder 2 years ago, for a surgical opinion / arthroscopic evaluation.  My appt is next Friday - Oct 12.  Surgery tentatively booked for Nov 19.  This should give me time to recover and rehab in time for Worlds in  2013.

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