Monday, July 30, 2012

Newcastle 2012

Well its over and done.  Didn't think I'd get on the platform.  My right shoulder was so bad on the Monday before the comp, I couldn't get under an empty bar.  Almost in tears, pain and frustration,  I forced myself thru 3 singles at my opener of 140kg.  Here's the last one:

Previous Saturday's Bench session I didnt take my 95kg opener, opting for a 1/2 board 90kg press instead  - here:

Deadlift however was not affected by he shoulder - 180 opener:

So how did I go?  Better than expected  150 / 100 / 180  for a 430 total.  Up 10kg on my last comp - due to a better squat.  Happy to get 100 on the bench and hmmm dunno what's happening with my deads on competition day, losing steam or enthusiasm or just complacent perhaps?  Pulled 190 up twice but no lockout and the last attempt was dropped - grip issues.

The reffing was very harsh again, but I have no specific complaint.  I'll be interested to see the video of my opening squat which was red lighted, I know to the left I was done for not having my knees locked, that was due to the pain in my shoulder, the more upright and locked the more stress on the shoulder, (you can see that in my squat video above - struggled to be upright and locked) so I have to wear that one, but depth felt fine. I need to look at the other lifts to see why mine are getting red lighted while other get passed. It's difficult judging depth on squat but consistency across lifters is paramount.  Mary Macken's squat's set the standard in my opinion, being the best in the country. I need to see if my squat was not as deep, I cant keep getting red lighted.

As for actual placing I have no idea as the presentations were on the Sunday and we left Newcastle bright and early Sunday morning.  Guess I'll have to wait for it to go up on the Powerlifting Australia website.

And I thought I was going to make it thru 12 months without a drug test....  No such luck...  8  1/2 months....  A record nevertheless  LOL.

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