Friday, August 29, 2008

Light Legs

The unfortunate thing about there being a squat rack at Definition is that suddenly people want to squat and / or do partial deadlifts that never did before. Waited patiently (not) for the squeeziods to finish their knee bends and warmed up for a light 5x5 @ 70kg - deep, deep, deep. Leg press 4x8 @ 150kg (knees to ears) and then 3x15@40lb leg extensions. Yibbida yibbida, that's all folks.

Kerry's last night working at Definition, such a shame, but she's off to do bigger and better things. She's been a real sweetie bringing me a sample of beta-alanine the other week (she also works at a health food store) and last night she had a pre-workout sample of something or another for me, its in my gym bag and I'm hanging on to it for Monday's big squat.

Tonight - night of rest, kindof, I'll try to get into my squat suit again. That will be a hour long cardio session in itself getting it on and then off again! No deadlifting tomorrow - sleep in, yeah! (does celebration dance) I'll go into the gym and do biceps, triceps and abs at Definition sometime in the afternoon. Sunday - On pager :-(

Leah officially moves out this weekend - moving in with her boyfriend Andrew. The first baby to leave the nest leaving just Madii and I in a big ol' house together.


Hello Tegan, Well, I'm flattered that you read my blog and even more so that you've posted some comments. Thanks! The weight will come off - it always does. I know what I have to do, I'm just in denial :-) All those times dieting for bodybuilding comps..... Cant wait to do 'the Haigh's run' where I take on the persona of a squirrel and start gathering chocolate for after the comp. As if I wont be able to get it then - madness! I'll keep up the accessory work a while longer. Doing less messes with my head, I still have the 'bodybuilder mentality' in that respect.


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