Monday, September 01, 2008

Day 42 or there abouts...

Work appraisals - I'm getting something right for a change. Screened above the average no of bugs. Probably worked above the average no of weekends too. The overtime bides well for my Europe holiday next year with my niece Robyn. 6 weeks rootin' around Europe.... I mean sightseeing.... chuckle....

Gym Saturday afternoon, biceps/ triceps and yet another pathetic attempt at overhead presses. I guess I should be grateful that I can bench press at all given the shoulder problem I've had this year, overhead press will just have to be taken slowly. Biceps are still sore today - more from the fact that I haven't done any bicep work for a while rather than the intensity - LOL.

Sunday - on pager and surprise surprise, I got called. Lucky tho' I had managed to get out and have a bit of a dig around with Leigh and Merv - my first official bottle dig. Came away with a few little ink wells perfume bottles and butt plugs from the 1800's.

Will post some pics when I get my camera back from Leigh.

I read on the CAPO site that there are some 40 or so competitors for the Nationals next month - 11 from Victoria. Good to see that our state will still have strong representation this year. This will be my third Nationals - 3rd time lucky? More likely, third place - LOL. I did place 2nd last year in the OPEN behind Tegan who took out the Overall national Women's title.

Heavy squats tonight - somehow not feeling all that excited today.


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Fire 'n' Ice said...

Bleuh. I used to get a stomach ache just thinking about heavy squat night even though I love squats! All the same I usually came out of the session very satisfied with PB's of some sort - best reps on a certain weight or better quality or breaking mental barriers etc. Always hard when you have to squat heavy after working all day/week/weekend too. Must be nice to be a personal trainer - see a few clients then rest/eat up nicely leading up to the session! Sometimes I felt so wobbly and drained after a busy stressful day at work and then off to the gym, try find a park, get changed and into 'strong mode'. Oh well, we are proof that it CAN be done!