Friday, September 05, 2008

Day 46 - I think...

When is a a rest day not a rest day?
When you have to train.

Accessory work that would have been done tomorrow I am heading into the gym to do tonight, but that means I get the whole weekend away from the gym. Like almost having 3 days rest before the big squats on Monday night.

The heavy work is taking its toll - I'm getting quite tired, have only cardio'd once this week and it was a half hearted effort around midday Wednesday before my 'big' bench session with Rhys - if you call 75kg big. Personally, my idea of big would be 100kg - that's something I could feel proud of. I also had my Chiro appt Wednesday morning, at least everything is going well from that perspective. I haven't really mad any progress on the bench this year given the shoulder problem I've had, but, touch wood, that is all behind me know and I'll make some gains in 2009 on the bench - perseverence is what its about!

Madii had a Quad burger from Hungry Jacks last night - They're huge! 1000 calories and 70grams of fat! I told her should couldn't eat for the next 3 days after having it - LOL, well she can have some fruit. :-) She felt sick after afterwards - Just as well I thought.

Off to Kyneton tomorrow to picnic by the river while Leigh tests out his diving equipment. (Hence my training tonight) My job: make sure compressor doesn't stop running or if it does, haul him in so he doesn't drown, or something like that, Cant have that now can we, afterall he's back to work on Monday - and that's a punishment worse than death. hehehehe.

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