Thursday, September 25, 2008


What an excellent quote Tegan. Thank you. It poses a very positive mind frame.

And in that very positive mind frame last night, despite Rhys being a no show for my last heavy bench, I pushed through my planned attempts successfully.

Lately I've been thinking about getting a dog. I guess the idea has raised itself this week with Madii being away and Leah having moved out, as much as I like my independence and all, I really want some company. I don't want some toy dog, I have 2 cats, Anderson and Priscilla, and they fulfill the 'lap' duties well enough. I'd really like a Husky, I certainly have a big enough backyard... being on an acre. Although no fences is a problem and an expensive one to remedy. And I do work full time and then spend evening in the gym.... Huskies need company or they can be become involved in 'remodeling' the house/yard. Of course I'm going to Europe next year too for 6 weeks... I could just fence off part of the yard... hmmm, this too will pass.

At my chiro appt yesterday I found myself chatting to Andrea about military combat techniques. He's teaches the Russian martial art / combat called Systema. This all stems from a DVD that I bought for Leigh - Human Weapon - Hand to hand combat which goes into the Krav Maga (sp) Israeli military combat fighting. Very interesting and different from the 'rehearsed' style of martial arts. Also the mind set that comes with learning a martial art, the focus, the awareness, the no fear... could also be useful for my lifting and competing. The document he has just sent me starts with "No rank, no rules, no pre-orchestrated movement, no limitations " Cool! I am interested to maybe take a class or two...

I also need to enroll myself into French language classes. I want to learn enough conversation French to get by traveling in Europe. Plus I just love the French language.... I am going to be busy over the coming months

Light legs tonight - just enough to get them moving and ready for tomorrow's last heavy deadlift session after work.



camilyn said...


You have a really wonderful blog. A lot of people will not comprehend what mind power can do to one's achievement.

Mano said...


You've got an incredibly nice blog. To become a successful human being the fundamental issue is always to have positive thinking.