Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Arrghhh.... Angry Angry Angry

Damn DVD recorder is on the blink. Sat down to watch Sunday nights episode of DEXTER and the recording failed - invalid disc. So now I've missed Dexter, Boston Legal and David Rabbitborough (the monkeys one). Grrrrrr.

Replacements are already under evaluation:

Beyonwiz DP-P2 - newest - just out, can record Foxtel (if I could get it), 320g HDD, twin HD tuner, ICEtv - mega priced. $950+

Topfield 7100HDPVRt - the most recent of this range, been out a few months, 320HDD, twin HD tuner, Awaiting a later firmware release to make it compatible with ICEtv - price coming down. $800 ?

Beyonwiz DP-P1 - older version of the P2, cannot record foxtel, 200 HDD (some with 250 installed - like magic) twin HD tuner etc... $650

TiVo - doesnt even make the grade...........

Well, better head home before the world ends at 5....

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