Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Home Alone

Took Madii to school this morning at the un-Godly hour of 4am. School trip to Kakadu. They fly into Uluru and then for the next 12 days they make their way to Darwin aboard coaches.

Crawled back into bed at 5am and slept (if you can call it that) until 7am and worked from home.

Meeting Rhys at 6pm for my 2nd last bench session. He sms'ed me that he competed in some ESP bench press comp at the weekend and pushed a 250kg bench. Nice work for a 22yo. I'm looking forward to hearing about it tonight.

Monday night's squat session was the 'bad one that I had to have'. I dunno, I felt good thru the day but as the afternoon wore on I started to feel lethargic, maybe I over carbed? I was out of sorts and slow. Even the warmups were slow out of the hole. To top it off there was no-one I felt comfortable with there to spot me. Leigh dragged over this guy that, to be honest, kinda creeps me out watching me each week, anyway I sunk down too far (if thats possible) paused too long and didnt have the momentum to get up and this guy stood there, then feebily tried to lift me up until I yelled 'just get the bar off me'. Re-setup the bar and tried again - with my confidence shot and this guy behind me again, looking down instead of up I tipped forward as I went down, not wanting to be squashed again I called out and dumped the bar behind me. Re-setup again, and this time told Leigh I didnt want that guy behind me.... Squatted a clean albeit slightly shallow double. I thanked the guy for his help anyway but he was quite narky about it "you should have told me blah... you should have done this... you should have done that...' Yep, thanks - appreciate your help. Sheesh, He wasnt the one caught under the bar.

Yawned all the way home and collapsed into bed. How so little work could make me so tired I dont know.

Now I'm not sure if this is just a co-incidence, but, the last 2 days my left leg, outer quad, has been feeling strange - like its asleep, but without the pins and needles sensation. Whether I have compressed a nerve... I've booked in for a massage tomorrow and I'll do some lower back stretching tonight and see if that helps. I certainly dont remember getting hurt on Monday ' except my pride'. Hopefully its just temporary. Doesnt seem to affect me in any way - just feels weird as hell.


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