Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend - no Gym!

Toddled over to the Broadmeadows novice comp, had to drop Madii at work at 11.30, which meant that I missed the first two rounds of squatting - bugger. Sat thru the benching - not so exciting. However the deadlift round really got me roused. I was yelling and screaming for people I don't even know, but it was great!! Some really impressive lifts. This is what I needed to psych me up. Mentally too, to see the bar loaded with the kind of lifts that I want to take, being able to visualize what the bar is going to look like. Really - WELL DONE to all the competitors.

Home alone Saturday evening, read my book - finished it actually and then panicked that I had nothing to read - rule out reading any techo documents - ick!

Sunday: Ponyclub - Mojo doing well after having his saddle re-fitted. Even Madii commented that the saddle was more comfortable. She took him over some jumps in the arena and then out back over the cross country course and he was loving it. Tho' she did say that he still having problems in the trot at corners.... hmmmm. Sunday afternoon spent mowing the back yard. A half acre of mountain goat land. I knew it was getting late when Leah and Andrew turned up for dinner and I was still mowing... Few more trees down and quite a few dead wattles that need to be excised - thinking of asking Santa for a chainsaw this year. Park Orchards Chainsaw Massacre - Part 1. :-) Unfortunately a slight mishap last night saw me run over the brush cutter with the truck.... I'll take it into the mower guys as see what the damage is, I'm hoping its just the casing that I've smashed. Maybe I'll have to rethink the chainsaw and ask for a new brush cutter. Eooow - hopefully not.

Anyhoo, scored a nice blister on my big toe which will add another level of distraction for tonight's squatting.

Ohh ohh got new beans on Friday - delivered fresh from CoffeeDays. Kenya AA. Nice - real nice. Here's a not so perfect pour but still a nice tasting shot.

Body weight check: Yep - still fat! Despite becoming grumpy and impatient. I should cut out all social activities from now until Sunday October 5th... In
the mean time - Don't talk to me - I bite!


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