Friday, September 19, 2008


This morning went to see physio, Jessie Adams, from Melbourne Sports Medical Centre. Nothing to be concerned about with the quad, I may have impinged the nerve briefly, the numbness is starting to subside and all my reflexes are normal. He was more interested in what was going on with my right hip and after some poking and prodding he believes the pain is coming from the glute medius rather than TFL or Piriformis. The glute is extremely tight and not giving when I squat down. So he got stuck in with his elbow - how painful that was - but not nearly as bad as ITB massage. Squatting immediately after was almost pain free - but maybe I just couldn't feel anything - fullstop! Going back on Tuesday for a review after having done my last heavy squat session. Has prescribed some stretching to be done at least 5 times a day (well as much as I can).

Consoled my sore butt with a trip to Haighs. Never thought it would happen but I turned down the free sample after buying some chocolate almonds. Ughh If I have one piece of chocolate now the flood gates will open. The delictible purchase will come with me to Perth. In the meantime, I can look but not touch!

Also swung by the Estee Lauder staff shop and picked up some moisturizer for anmost half price and drowned myself in perfumes... We have a reciprocal card with Estee Lauder (MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown.... ) Handy!!

Picked up some supplies from Evelyn Faye, (sorry Kez, I'll be in touch next time) Fish Oil, Glucosamine&MSM powder and was given a couple of samples new product they will be stocking - Arthroflex-Max (glucosamine 1500 & chondroitin 1200) orange flavour - not the nicest tasting!

Leigh dropped by my work and handed over DEXTER series 1 & 2 and DEADWOOD series 1,2 & 3. I'll be making ummm 'backups' ! ;-)

No training for the weekend - just me and the cats and loads of DVD's to watch. Training tonight will just be some arms, heavy bi's and tri's. Light legs last night, some speed work, 5x5 @80kg, some slightly heavier partials/lockouts - again 5x5 and finished with some light leg press 100kg with varied foot positioning. Weighted incline abs and side twists put an end to my session.

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