Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Gym Etiquette

Yes, I'm about to have a whinge.

Gym Etiquette - 101


Every week there are 4x45kg plates on the floor directly under or just behind the monolift at Doherty's. It is a pain in the arse to move them, but I have to in order to get into the monolift area. I know who leaves them there. I'm disgusted to say its another pair of powerlifters - who should know better. Its just plain rude and selfish to expect others to pick up after you. Grow a conscience!


Satisfactory squat session with some great pinch marks from the new squat suit. Trust me, the photo does not do the marks justice!! Need more practice getting the suit on without burning so much energy. Have some concern about the should straps being really really loose. Its 'extremely' tight everywhere else but almost like it was made for someone six ft tall. Fortunately we had a spotter last night, (thanks Mark) my first heavy squat in the suit and I went down like a sack of potatoes. Bit like when I put a handkerchief on the Anderson's back - sink down and no coming up. Mark grabbed the bar and I tried to get out from under it but my Tshirt was caught and Leigh had to yank me out - LOL. Made up for it tho by following up with a nice double 10 minutes later. Such a high afterward that I couldn't get to sleep.... Yep we powerlifters - we are amazing people! Especially us ladies!

Tonight - hammy's etc.... a la last week (and the week before...)

Ohh here are some pics as promised - me down the hole, my booty... my diggings that is, not my butt! And the boys!

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