Friday, September 12, 2008

day... (dunno)

Benched really well the other night. Good doubles touching the shirt. Couldn't stay long to do accessory work - school meeting for Madii. Got some close grip benching in tho'.

Massage on Wed. Ruth commented on the 'scabs' on my back - LOL. Yeah that's where the squat bar cuts into my back. Nice!!!

Deadlift tonight working up to a max double. Tomorrow thinking of going to a comp in Broadmeadows - as a spectator of course. Just to soak in some atmosphere and look at technique etc.

Pony club Sunday - Mojo will get to do one or two classes depending on how sore he is - they also have the saddle fitter booked in, so we'll get his Saddle checked. He has, after all, put on some weight since we first got the saddle fitted. :-)


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