Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Bit of a set back at the weekend. Up early Saturday morning, not really awake headed down stairs to make brekky and a latte and while trying to avoid Priscilla who had parked herself on the step I missed my footing and slipped down a couple of steps. Not falling exactly... although the image of me crashing down the stairs did cross my mind in that split second, but more to the point I've aggravated what was a healing piriformis injury. Errggh. Breakfast... porridge, latte and two Voltaren rapid.

Squatting last night was affected, warmups were sooo painful. All the time having to force the negative pain thoughts out of my head as I squatted. As much as I doped up on anti-inflamms, they don't help much with this as there is not a great deal of blood flow into the area, the only way to stop the pain would be a cortisone injection, which right now is out of the question. In fact I am loathe to even see a physio or sports doctor about this for fear that they tell me its something worse. Nah... better I just bite the bullet until after the comp, when I'm totally wrecked, and put on the 'total ignorance' face when I say I didn't know it was so bad...

I have however booked in for a massage on Thursday with Ruth....

Jo 'n me - NYE 2007....
Saw Jo at Doherty's briefly last night, not Jo my preggers friend, who by the way informs me that she's now 28 weeks and a rolly polley - LOL, but Sharon's friend Jo, or was friend.... errr I'm not getting caught up in that. Now, how to distinguish these two ladies... mmmm Both surnames start with M, so that doesn't help, and there's someone at work called Jojo (who I dont have a great deal of respect for... so that's out of the question... Ummm... I know... preggers Jo will be forthwith known as Mumma-Jo (ala Leah's boyfriend and his little girl Liv who call me Mumma Vicki - Yeah - NOT nanna Vicki - got it!!) Aaannny-hoo, I was pleased to hear that Jo's training is going well, she's training with another powerlifter (I'm not sure what the 'relationship' status is there (giggle)) , that things are on the up n up for her workwise AND that she's entered her first powerlifting comp. Nationals! Tough one to cut your teeth on, but what the hell - besides there hasn't exactly been any local state level comps this year!

Egg delivery on my desk this morning. One of my collegues, Andrew, well, his parents-in-law have a little hobby farm with chookies and he knows I go thru loads of eggs so every now and then I get some free - free range eggs. I've offered to 'sponsor' a chicken but so far they've declined. You see I'd love to have chickens and fresh eggs, but there's the problem of what to do with them once they stop laying... They'd be pets! I couldnt kill them and even if someone else did, I couldnt eat them. ick! So I'm gonna treat myself to a break in the diet and have eggs on muffins on Thursday morning.... Now do I want poached eggs or scrambled....? mmmmmmmm


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