Friday, January 23, 2009

January 23rd

Here it is Friday before the Australia day Long weekend and it seems I have made onto tomorrow's ESP bench press seminar after all. Even better Leigh is fronting up half the cost - what a good coach!

Training Report

Training this week has been much better - headcold starting to subside.

Tuesday - bench with SPLC on Tuesday - Speed.
Lockouts - 70kg x8 x4
Speed - 50kg x3 x8
Lying tricep - 4 sets
Single arm cross body tricep - 4 sets
Dumbell press - 45kg x8 x4

Wednesday - deadlift/hamstrings
warmed up with some light squats 60kg
Rack pulls - 120kg 6x6 (overhand grip and wrist straps)
Good mornings - 60kg x8 x4
Cable pull thru - 100,120, 140 140 x8 reps each

Thursday - shoulders/biceps
Side raises - 10lb, 15, 20, 25, 20 x8 reps each
Seated overhead press - 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 x8 reps each
Barbell front raise - 35lb x10 x4
Dumbbell bicep curl - 20lbx8, 25x8, 30x6, 35/3 drop 20/6 (smacked my finger with the 20lb dumbbell - ouch!)
Cable curl - 5 sets (with tears in my eyes - poor finger still smarting)
Reverse barbell curl - 30 x12 x4 (3 finger grip)

Tonight - rest

Injury report.

Right pointer finger - bruised first knuckle above nail - ow! - refer above.

Right Elbow - nagging tendinitis? Andrea Bizas (Chiro) says my right shoulder is still NQR - this may be contributing factor. May make an appointment next week to see one of the physios at Melbourne Sports Medical Centre to have elbow looked at.
Yes, my HBA limits are refreshed with the new year!! :-) I think I shall annoy Gordon McDonald with this one (Payback for Ben).
Left knee - Consultation with Orthopaedic surgeon. Xrays normal. Diagnosis: torn cartilage (Medial meniscus). Treatment Arthroscopic cleanup to trim the tear - 20 min procedure. Recovery 6-8 weeks! Discussed this with Leigh. We are too close to April comp and I DO need to do a qualifying comp for PA, then insufficient time between April and July Nationals. So, plan is postpone surgery until after Nationals giving me the most recuperation time before End of Year competitions (ie World Masters in Nov or Oceania's in December) All going to plan that is.

Right Hip - Pain free (touch wood) for no apparent reason or treatment? Physio Jess is off the hook for the time being - wont have to dig his precious elbow into my butt... for now....


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