Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 20, 2009

Vitality @ work.... Free Health check... OK, lets see what they say about me:

Height 160cm WTF?? I used to be 165... I've shrunk - must be the heavy squats!

Weight 69kg

My blood pressure is excellent 110/60

BMI 27 = overweight but not obese (obese being 30 - so I’m not far off…?!)
According to that my bodyfat percentage is 31% !!!!

Resting heart rate 56 – excellent

Blood sugar 4.9 – normal

Cholesterol 4.27 very good should be below 5.4

- HDL 1.45 good

- LDL 2.38 very good

Triclycerides .95 very good 2.0 is the normal level

Lung function 400 – very bad

37 situps in a minute and 47 pushups however I have a cardio age of a 57yo after failing to recover sufficiently after 3 minutes of climbing steps!! Wha??

So in summary: I am short, fat and very unfit - Perfect for a powerlifter :-)

Back to basics in training - trying to correct what may be a technical problem with my bench press. Not keeping tight enough. Light speed bench 5 reps @ 40 kg

Critique welcome....



Louise said...

It would be interesting to get your *actual* bodyfat tested. You are certainly not 31%. BMI numbers don't apply to bodybuilders like yourself. Does your gym have a set of fat calipers?

I laughed at your pushups being higher than your situps - most people would be the other way around.

More aerobic exercise required, methinks. Horseriding? Cycling? You need to get your lungs working...

my 2c. :-)

Mrpure said...

You do some serious training! I compete in pwerlifting myself here in the U.S.. I just started a blog this weekend!