Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 18, 2009

Cant shake this damn cold! Coughing, sniffing... blehhhh. Frustrating 'cos I don't feel all that bad, but I sound terrible. Stamina isn't too great tho'. Struggled in the squat rack with the volume that I've set myself.

5x5 program 80, 90, 95, 90, 80. used knee wraps for the middle 3 sets.
5x5 Pin squats 70
4x10 Good Mornings 40
4x10 Leg press 100

core stuff - floor leg raises.

I've made onto the Southern Powerlifting Club website in both the members section and in the Club records (my excellent 185kg deadlift!) Whoo-hoo Go ME!

Bought a new printer/scanner/copier at the weekend - will be able to scan in some of my old BB photo's and upload them for a laugh - so skinny! AND bought a paper shredder -whooo ! hours of entertainment for Madii and I. We've shredded nearly everything in sight. Intersting warning diagram on the shredder.... a baby with a line crossing it - Errr "It doesnt shred babies?" Damnn....


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