Wednesday, November 15, 2006

68 and 3 days to go

Half a kilo to go... Will have my last hard meal Thursday lunchtime with a laxative chaser and then stop taking in any fluid that night after a final low carb protein drink.... with the exception of a couple of short blacks on Friday morning I should be right for the weigh in. I need the caffeine to prevent any withdrawl headaches - yes I'm an addict and I know it. Could be worse after tho'... I dont smoke and only have the occasional glass of red wine, which is good for you anyway! Organized with Webby to weigh in around 5:30 pm on Friday at his place.

Added a link at the side for the CAPO site. Council of Australian Powerlifting Organizations. For anyone wanting information about powerlifting, competing, sponsors etc. This weekend is not only the RAW push/pull but also a novice 3 lift, so for any newbies that want to have a go this is a great opportunity or just come along and find out what its all about. The flyers are on the CAPO website.

Ordered a soft suit from Power Supply in Tasmania a few weeks back for the comp.... Tony sent out the order to have it made, but still no sign of it yet. I'll see if I can borrow Shazza's one again, otherwize it might be a new meaning for RAW at the raw push/pull this weekend. hahahaha.

Hung out in the Haighs shop yesterday, taking in the smell of fine chocolate. Heaven! They have all their Christmas fare on display. Stocked up for the post weigh in gorging..... 3 latte truffles, 1 passionfruit creme, 1 mandarin creme, and 200g mixed choc nuts. :-)

Been lurking around another website too - a running website - Picking up some hints for my next effort in the attempt to become a recreational runner - and hopefully keep my bodyfat down whilst simultaneously increasing the quantity of Haighs chocolates that I ingest.... Actually its vanity.... Summer is coming and I want to look good in very little clothing. LOL With the added benefit of being able to stay in the 67.5 weight class but still put on size and strength! That's my theory anyway....

Love yaz all.....

Vicki xxx


2P said...

CR - And what a great website it is too ;-)

The laxative chaser.... hmmm... think I'd prefer scotch.

Best o'luck with it Vicki ;-)

Lorna said...

And I'll stick to cider. As 2P's of luck!