Monday, November 13, 2006

68.6 and 5 days....

Quiet weekend from what I can remember. Lack of chocolate makes me very vague..... Grabbed the Fairlane off my brother to tow the float, rear left break light still not working... Must get down and check that its not the bulb. At least the indicators are working. About to head off tot he paddock when I realized I've left the paddock keys in my car - with my brother. Drive down to Doncaster to get the keys.... Back up the paddock and loaded Mojo. Started off for Eltham and realized we didn't have Madi's grading card, so back home again to pick that up (told you I was getting vague...) Mojo was being a right poo the whole time and the dressage test was over in 10 minutes.... All that effort and back home again. Mojo still being a right shit decided he didn't want to wait until the chain was undone on the float and backed out of the float wildly and broke the chain.... Another thing I have to fix... grrrr....

Stayed in Sat night, not feeling the best, damn diet messing with my stomach. Once this comp is over I'm gonna work a little more on my general fitness. Get back into the running. If I can manage to keep my bodyfat level down from the outset I should be able to compete next year in this same weight class without too much stress about dieting, just taper the running at the same time I taper the lifting. Anyway after this - no comp until March / April so this should give me time to get myself into a routine or running a few times a week.

Sunday morning was going to head of for a walk to get the paper, usually I would attempt to run this track, 5k down thru mullum mullum creek and up Reynolds road and back again. Looked out the window - it was pouring down. Well we need the rain, but no way I'm going out in that. Feel crap enough without being a drowned rat too. Cleared up a bit by the afternoon - long enough for me to get a couple of pics. Most of which I've just sent to Andy to post on the AMG-Lite website.
Along with a short clip. So I guess he'll have these up in a week or so. The link is over on the right. I've included a couple of samples in today's blog. A couple of cropped pics - the pull ones will be on AMG along with one that almost has a wardrobe malfunction ala Janet Jackson. LOL.

Training light for the next 2 days - just working on technique and no accessory work - that is going to kill me. I'm not going to feel like I've trained at all. That's it for now. Enjoy the pics.

Vicki xxxx


2P said...

Getting closer to that goal weight - well done Vicki ;-)

Jim S said...

Can't wait to see you on Andy's site.
Great work.
Jim S