Wednesday, November 08, 2006

10 days to the raw push/pull

It would seem that the westside training is already paying off. Monday : Deadlifted 137.5 kg (302.5lb). Attempted an 80kg (176lb) bench last night but unfortunatly it wasnt to be. 75kg went up pretty smooth and I'm still happy with the 77.5kg from last week. So that's it now, no more heavy lifts prior to the comp. Speed work on Thursday and Friday and then next week will just do 60% for sets of 3 and concentrate on technique just for Monday and Tuesday, then have the rest of the week off to rest and recover.

With only 10 days to go to the comp I'm struggling to get the weight off. I may have to resort to laxatives :-( Went to the steam room at Aquarena in Doncaster, near where I live. In an hour I was able to drop 1 kg, so I know that if I really need to I can drop an extra kg of fluid on the day of the weigh in. At least the fluid is easily replaced and I should not suffer any loss of strength so long as I rehydrate well.

In other news..... my brother, Mark, has fixed the wiring on the horse float so now I can indicate with confidence that others will know where the hell I'm going! LOL. Went to the movies with Leah the other night and saw 'Devil wears Prada' Very entertaining - not much of a story but great shoes and bags! LOL

Well not much else.... just cardio-ing my butt off and dieting. Becoming a real bore now.... no chocolate... ho hum

catch you all soon...

Vicki xxx

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