Saturday, November 18, 2006

Its over....

Friday morning still at 67.9 kgs, starving and dehydrating..... Since I was working from home I was checking my weight at frequent intervals, probably too frequently but I couldnt help it, by lunchtime it hadn't changed. Time for some drastic action. During my lunch break I headed down to the aquatic centre and sat in the steam room for 45 mins... actually half an hour and then cooled off, had a spa and then back in the steam room again for another 15 mins. Back home and showered and on the scales.... that did the trick... 66.7 kg. Over to Webby's about 5:30ish and weighed in officially at 66.90 600grams under the cut off. Downed 600ml of water while driving home.....

Picked up Madi and headed out to Mornington for her basketball match..... bloody long way, took us an hour to get there and we arrived just on time. With a stand-in coach this week, Penny, they did quite well although they lost 28 - 33. I think they learned a lot, pity we can't have Penny as our coach permanently!

Finally the big day arrived. Picked up Titania to give her a lift to the comp. She brought along her new super camera to get some pics. I'll post some here once she uploads them. Both her and Maria weighed into the next weight class up from me, at 72.x and 71.x, putting them in the 75kg class. Anyway I'm over the moon to say that I did PB's in both the bench and deadlift.

My original plan was to bench 75, 77.5 and then attempt 80 but nerves got the better of me and I dropped my opener to 70kg which I benched easily although one red light from the centre ref, Cameron Lindley, for not holding the bar still on my chest before the press call. Still a good confidence builder. 2nd attempt was at 77.5, Luke lifted the bar off for me, and it was a clean lift - 3 white lights. Last attempt at 80, Luke was nowhere to be seen so one of the spotters lifted the bar off... unfortunelty he dumped the bar on me and I lost my air and missed the lift. Luke apologised profusely, he saw the guy dump the bar and he felt real bad for me.... but honestly I dont think I would have made the lift anyway. Titania managed a 85kg bench and missed her 90kg attempt and Maria got all her lifts with her top bench being 82.5kg.

Deadlift was next, I'd been feeling pretty confident all week since I nailed 137.5kg in the gym the week earlier. Opened on 135kg. No joke it felt like someone had glued the bar to the floor. I was so desperate to get this opening lift, I could hear everyone yelling at me to get it up and I swear sheer stubborness and determination made me pull it up. Shook me a little. 2nd attempt was 137.5 and I had to remind myself that I'd done this in the gym so no reason not to get it today.... and actually it came up a little easier. Final attempt came around, bar loaded to 140, now this was a test, had never even attempted this weight before. Set it up beautifully, big breath in and lift, it flew up! I was over the moon and if anything I felt like I had more in me.... maybe 142.5. Well next year we'll see how far I can go. Titania, deadlift is her pet lift... set the bar to 185 for her 2nd attempt and nailed easy. 3rd attempt at 200kg, but missed.... she'll have it in the bag next month at the Postal Deadlift comp tho!!! Maria wasnt feeling too confident with her lifts and wanted to put in some low attempts, 110, 120, 130 but we both know she lifted 130 at the nationals. She's missed 130 the last 2 times in the gym, but I convinced her to go 115, 125 and 132.5 and she got them all!! Way to go Maria.

Overall result was that Titania took first place, I came in 2nd and Maria 3rd.

Thanks to every one that supported me and wished me luck, thru emails, sms and posting comments here! It really meant a lot to me and gave me the added fire to pull those big lifts!

Still on a high.... girls are both out tonight so I'm home alone, bouncing off the walls. LOL. Grabbed a DVD for tonight. Mission Impossible 3. I'll set myself down shortly with a nice freshly brewed latte, some home made fruit salad and of course the compulsory Haigh's chocolates! he he he....

Tomorow's resolution... to pick up my running. Heading out first thing in the morning before breakfast. 5k round trip to get the Sunday paper. I'll take it easy tho' !! Gently thru Mullum Mullum Creek track..... up Reynolds road (Hill) which I'll probably walk mostly then walk and run back again.

U2 tomorrow night!! whoo-hoo!!!

Catch you all soon,
Vicki xxx

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2P said...

Hey congratulations on the podium finish Vicki - great job on getting under the weight too ;-)

Good luck with the running.