Thursday, December 07, 2006


Have had the past week and a bit off the gym and getting lots of massage from Gordon at the Melbourne Sports Medical Centre for my left elbow problem, but its just getting worse so he referred me to Ben Baressi the sports doc. Went in this morning at 10am.... Came away having had a cortisone injection into the elbow. Its now 2pm and the local anesthetic is starting to wear off and boy-oh-boy is it ever aching!! No training for the next 2 weeks. Back to see Ben on Dec 19 for a review. Will try to get into the gym and do some leg work, but even that will be difficult as I cannot go picking up the 20kg plates to load the bar... will have to rely on pin loaded machines. :-( Well it gives me time to concentrate on my running, which is by the way, coming along nicely. Did a time trial at the weekend at the Tan and ran the 4k course (non-stop - including Anderson st hill) in 27.22

Sunday, Madi had her Christmas Gymkhana down at the Pony club. Floated Mojo down, the Maverick handled it well!! :-) Arrived bright and early to get Mojo looking beautiful, plaited his mane, braided his tail, and clipped around his feet. Nice and shiny horse.... get into the warmup ring and.... he's lame. Limping badly.... what the....???? Fortunately (???) Chris, the vet, was already on-site looking at another horse so when he was finished he came to look at Mojo. Possible abscess or deep bruising to the hoof. He removed the shoe and poked around unable to find anything specific, but the limping was very pronounced! Gave him a shot of anti inflamms and dressed hi hoof with a hot poultice to try and draw out any abscess... Got some Bute to put in his feed and put him back on the float to head home again. Drove up to Saddle up in Chirnside to get an 'Easy Boot' to go over his hoof to protect the dressing. Vet will be back out again on Wed to check the progress....

Later that afternoon we down to Jells park to the CR Christmas BBQ, got there a little late so missed quite a few of the CR's. My first CR outing! Everyone was very welcoming, but with ay I was having I wished I'd taken something stronger than the Chili cordial to drink!

Quick catch up with Russell down Brunswick st who I haven’t seen for a little while. Had hoped that Cafe Atomica would be open as I was out of coffee beans for home.... sadly it wasn’t, so we wandered down the road and settled in at another cafe for a class of red. Looks like the training pgm that Shaz has him on is doing good!!

Monday morning.. Big day for Madi (and me...) Into hospital to have her tonsils out! I can report that all went well and was over with rather quickly. She stayed overnight at the hospital, they gave her some morphine to help her sleep and I took her home on Tuesday morning. Very painful procedure, I think a lot of people under estimate just how serious the operation is. She's on a lot of painkillers and has to eat, of all things, crunchy food!! No ice cream and jelly.... toast, chips, apples etc anything that will help scrape any muck out from the back of her throat. Will take her up to 10 days to recover and she's confined to home for the first week.

Well, I'm about to take to my arm with the butcher’s knife..... Better stop typing now...


Vicki xxx

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