Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ouch... that hurts!

I can apply the above statement to any part of my body at the moment. Coming back to training after a couple of weeks off was always going to end in tears. My hammies stll hurt from Monday nights heavy leg training, have had trouble getting in and out of the recliner Do you have any idea how hard it is to put the foot rest back - like doing a seated hamstring curl - yeoooww. I was even thinking of installing rails in the bathroom to help get on and off the loo. Abs are caning from the hanging leg raises along with my obliques having done the most innocuous excercise ever - side bridges - they felt soooo easy I was almost considering using some hand weights. Glad I didnt!! Sore chest from neutral dumbell press - light weight as it was a speed day, 3 sets of 20 reps real fast have taken their toll! Jump squats - from a kneeling starting point jump up onto your feet and then press up like from a squat - were not as hard as first thought, so I asked Dirk how to make it harder.... Hold a wooden pole behind your neck and then try it - ok - flat on my face!!! Take a step back and just try it with my arms folded in from of me - managed two without falling over. Enough!

'Tis the night before the night before Christmas..... I can't wait for Christmas morning, watching my girls open their presents. I still get a kick out of it even tho' they're 19 and 14. They know what their big pressies are already but have no idea about the trinkets that I've put under the tree.....

Desperately want to go for a run tomorrow morning..... grrrr. The people in my head are aguing and I cant make sense of it.... 'go for a run - it wont hurt...' 'running is counterproductive to getting a big total (powerlifting)' (thanks Casually me' 'you need to run' 'that blister will just get bigger' 'consistency is the key' ... (thanks Stu!!) 'The physio said no...' 'A little time out now is better than a long time out later...' Arrgghh stop the in fighting.... Ok.... I'll compromise and go for a walk... fast... real fast.... hmmmmm who am I kidding? walk/run/walk/run - I'll decide in the morning.

Right, better go and feed the hungry hoards....

Seasons Greetings... (isnt that cheesy)

Vicki xxx

PS. Casually Me - I checked out your blog... you're one sick puppy!! LOL. I think you could teach me a thing or two about powerlifting..... anyway I hope you'll find something useful here as I explore the world of Westside Training!

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2P said...

Nice work Vicki - I looove it when it hurts that much.

As much as I'd like to encourage the run - the walk sounds like a good idea.

Merry Christams to you too ;-)