Monday, December 18, 2006

Its official !!

It's Monday and I'm on holidays..... not doing a damn thing today. Got plenty of chores for the next 4 weeks so I want to enjoy this day of 'nothingness'....

Saw the new James Bond movie on Saturday night with my eldest daughter, Leah - after being stood up by my date..... sheesh, what's a girl gotta do? Anyway, the movie was great, really enjoyed the action, the new James Bond (Daniel Craig) isnt bad on the eyes either, nice tight bod!! Longish movie, thought it had finished at on point but went on for another 20 mins or so... went to the 9:30 pm session, we were a bit late but got in just before the movie started. Had to text Madi when we got out at midnight to let her know I was on my way- I was supposed to pick her up at 12 from a party!

Sunday morning went for my regular run up to the servo to get the sunday paper, damn HRM messed up and I missed recording the first 8 minutes of the run.... bugger. I know, I'm so anal about these things. I like my gadgets and pretty graphs that are totally meaningless to me, but I just have to have them and I was totally pissed at missing the start of the run.

Went to the gym today a little earlier than normal thinking it would be a little quieter in there - but it was packed - everone must be on holidays!! Lucky for me not too many guys like training legs 'cos I totally took over the squat rack tonight. Maximum squat of a box - got up to 110kg with just my belt and knee wraps - not bad. Followed that up with heavy rack pulls 3 sets of 8 single reps at 160kg. Then, still in the squat rack, stiff legged good mornings 3 sets of 12 reps - very strict- at 50kg. Finally out of the rack and weighted spread eagle situps, followed by pull down abs - which are really a bit of a misnomer since the main goal is not so much abdominal crunches as keeping control when you come upright again - I kept getting pulled back to the weight stack - Hmm this is really hard to explain... I'll try to find some pics later to explain this exercise. Finally onto weighted hypers, picked up the 20kg plate - was supposed to do 3 sets of 20 reps, but I took on more than I could do, so only manged 18,16,16 - my lower back was trashed from the earlier good mornings and rackpulls. Hot shower when I got home, could do with a lower back rub tonight - amazing what just 2 weeks out of the gym will do to you.

Back to the sports doc tomorrow, hopefully get the all clear on the arm - had no trouble with it tonight - but I guess what I did wasnt putting any stress on the elbow joint - tomorrow night's bench training will be the real test. Immediately after I see Ben, I go in to see Joe, the physio so he can check on my toe's progress - havent got much to report there....

Well that's about it. Getting late and I want to get an early run in tomorrow morning before I see the doc's... Will let you know how it all goes.

Vicki xxx

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Casually Me said...

Just found your blog. I will be watching it as you never know where you can pick up training advice. Oh, and of course your pictures are beyond words...or at least my words. I put you in my favorites. Thanks.