Thursday, December 28, 2006

Whips and Chains

Another bad night sleepwise. To top it off there was a mozzie dive bombing me.... Hammies, calves and glutes all sore this morning - right calf more so than the left. Must do some extra stretching. Upper back accross the traps and my neck quite stiff from keeping the bar in place for squats and good mornings. Little bit of a sore throat, perhaps that explains the poor performance last night - a little run down.

Tonight's training was for maximum bench. Arrived at the gym around 5:30.

Using chains again and I've not included the weight of the chains in the values below - still need to check with Dirk but I think the chains are adding an extra 20kg or so - for example where I say 60 kg its 60kg on my chest and 80 kg at the lock out. There abouts.

Bench press - chains. 20kg 16reps, 30kg 12reps, 40kg 6 reps, 50kg 4 reps, last weeks max 55kg 2 reps, 60kg 1 rep.
Attempted 70 and 80kg with my shirt on - couldn't get the bar right down to my chest, but still good reps. Had 2 of the big guys, Daniel - who helps me with squatting and his training partner John both helped to get the shirt on and do my belt up. Had a helluva time getting the belt done up too! Talk about being in a straight jacket. Worked up a sweat before I even laid on the bench. Was just as much of a struggle to get the damn thing off too - needed both guys again!! Have some wicked pinch marks under my arms where the shirt bites. I'll see if I can get a photo...

California Press. 15kg Plus the EZ bar (not sure what it weighs) 3 sets of 12 reps

Reverse cable pushdown.
110lb (?) 3 sets of 10 reps

Single dumbbell rows. 60lb 2 sets of 10 reps plus 1 set of 9 reps

Inverted dumbbell side raises. 12.5lb dumbbell 3 sets of 10 reps

Concentration curls. 25lb dumbells 12 reps, 10 reps, 8 reps

Finished off with the Spread Eagle sit ups which I didn't do last night as I realized they had to be weighted. 20kg 3 sets of 10 reps

Out of the Gym as 7.30.

Overall a good workout - pretty happy having lifted the max bench press by 5kg this week. most of the others are an improvement also.

On a personal level, had a couple of wins in the stores today. Leah's hair straightener wasn't working so she returned it a couple of weeks ago. went in to see if it was back, nup hasn't even been sent off.... So I explained nicely that it was only a month old and she was going away for all of January and really 'the damn thing should be replaced!!' and so they did - gave her a brand new one.... nice! Kiss on the right cheek from Leah.. :-) Then went into vodafone as she is also having problems with her new Nokia phone which has been replaced once already and repaired last week and is now not working again... so I asked for another replacement. 'Ohhh cant do that!! I'm not authorized' was the response from the sales guy. So I argued with the guy.... 'Only my manager can MAYBE do something, if it can get hold of her' 'Yeah - so do it then' I replied. So unlike me to be this argumentative and pushy... really!! Anyway upshot was they replaced the phone!!! Kiss on the left cheek this time thanks!!! LOL

Phew, have to be back in the gym tomorrow night - normally I would have a day off now but with this week being messed up.... Speed work tomorrow! Legs. My hammies and glutes are not going to be happy.

Vicki xxxxx

PS. C-M. My Bench shirt is an open back. Much easier than a standard shirt. I have an Inzer shirt too - only used it once. Couldn't get the sweet spot. I bench low! I've heard good things about the Titan shirts. My friend Storm (Emma) from the UK advocates the Titan Shirts. Haven't seen the Video - will drop you an email. Thanks!

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