Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday 15th...

Pay day - yay! and its also the last day at work before I have 4 weeks off! Not back in the office until NEXT YEAR!!

Have been a good girl - no training - no lifting that is... still went for a little run aroud the Tan on Thursday morning, but I am being good and doing all the stretching etc thats been prescribed.... Even did a good deed after my run. When I arrived at the Tan around 6:15 I heard some yelling and arguing and saw a bunch of guys hovering around a black sports car - anyway I set off for my 'jog' and when I came back 30 mins later they were still there, arguing, so I set about doing some stretching etc. minding my own buisness but watching as they kept looking over at me. Next thing I know one of them approaches me , ready to panic and run, the poor guy just asks if I could help jump start their car... 'ohhh ok.....' They were most grateful for the help and kept saying 'Thankyou sister' - 'yo! no problem bro' ' LOL. Glad to have been able to help them out !

Ok , so here's the promised pic of my new METAL bench shirt - can't wait to try it out. Looks like a straight jacket huh? Same effect - cant move!! LOL Also looking into getting some squat boots made early in the new year. There's a place in Tassie that will make a custom pair of boots complete with orthotics. If I make the trip over there I'll be able to claim them on my health insurance - well part of the cost anyway. They are medical grade boots and I think given the problems with my toe and ankle... and the glute/piriformis injury I had from squatting earlier in the year all pointing to instability in my foot/ankle it will be worth spending the money to get the boots made rather that risk further injuries. Well that will put an end to any frequest flyer points I have accumulated!!

Just thought I'd include a couple of pics from the Raw Push/Pull back on Nov 9th.
Courtesy of Titania at

Well thats about it from me. Not much on this weekend, lunch on Sunday with the ex-outlaws. Still get along well with them and since Leah and Madi's dad lives interstate I still get invited to the family Christmas get together. Sunday night Jo is coming over for Dinner, gossip, waxing and coffee - not all at once of course - well maybe just the last 3!! She's hinted that there is a new man in her life, but would give many any details, wanting to save it all for Sunday night. I just lurve gossip!!

Love 'n' kisses
Vicki xxx


jims said...

NO FAIR! 4 weeks off work is WAY too much fun.
Funny blog: glad to hear you're feeling in better spirits.
LOVE the pix.....

jims said...

NOT FAIR HAVING 4 weeks off!
Enjoyed the fun from the blog, you are FUNNY!

Louise said...

Vicki, I don't know if you've looked in the mirror lately, but I wouldn't panic over a couple of blokes arguing over a sports car. They're more likely to be worried that you'll pick it up and run off with it, lol.