Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ha! I was wrong...

Sunday was not, I repeat not, better ! Pager was going off all afternoon and into the evening. Even had to pass up a date for dip down at the beach - had to settle for an ice-cream in front of the computer which Leah bought home after work.

Did go for a little run in the morning - a little later than I would have liked and it was already starting to get hot and the air again filled wtih smoke coming down from the bushfires. Very hard to breath and ended up with bit of a sore throat as a result.
Took this photo today from my office - doesnt really do justice to the haze thats hanging over the city again today from the bushfires and I'm also pasting in my run graph from my Polar s625x HRM- just to see if I can. If its unreadable... errr sorry!

Went to the Gym Monday night, Not able to train much but still managed to do a few things that I havent done in a long while like leg extentions and leg press - someone left the leg press loaded with 200kg so that was handy for me. 5 sets of 6-8reps. Hamstring curls (boring), hypers with no weight, set of 25 reps fast and abs: leg raises, incline board situps and include twists. Sat on the bike for 10 mins - stationary bike is not my thing. Didnt feel like I'd trained all that well but better than nothing. At least I was starting for feel sore by Tuesday afternoon - those leg press's really got into my glutes and quads! Ouch!

Up at the crack on Tuesday morning, wanted to get a 'gentle' jog in before going to see the physio at 7:40 am. Was at the Tan just before 6am - at least the air was clear. Told Joe that my toes was getting worse, seemed more aggravated by the massage.... he didnt ask if I'd been running, so I didnt have to 'fib' about it - good stuff!. Anyway - no more massage but he still wants me to do the 'traction' thingy... ha ha errr 'pull my toe' stuff. Keeping up the calf stretches and ankle work. See him again next week on Tuesday - when I'm on leave. Same day that I see Ben, convenient! - can get both done in the one trip. Hmmmm if I plan this right I can come in for a run, shower and change at work, call in somewhere for brekky and then see the two docs,. They're both at Melbourne Sports Medical centre..... Dawdle around the city, Myers, Adidas, Rebel sport, NikeTown, Haighs..... Have lunch and head home before the peak hour hits.

Caught up with Dirk last night for a planning session for my next Westside cycle. Chains!!!! Will be using chains (and my shirt) probably in the 2nd week as part of my bench work, how exciting!! We were going to use the chains on the box squat on the Max Squat day but since I havent done any heavy squatting since August Dirk thought it might be better to leave them off for now. Have some more really 'challenging' things to do like jumping kneeling squats - that is on your knees, bum to heel, then jump up onto your feet in a squat position and press up. My first attempt saw me lnad on my knee's - ouch! That floor is damn hard - all the more reason not to miss. Got it eventually but really hard - need to work on this - the goal is to be able to do this with a loaded bar on your back!!! The purpose - leg drive and speed for deadlifting. More.... weighted hypers with a loaded bar - will need someone to help me load and unload the bar of my shoulders. Anyway lots of new and exciting stuff Cant wait to get started!!

Mentioned to Dirk that I'm doing a bit of running, just a few k's 3 times a week. I explained that when I was doing the good morning squats I was getting out of breath before I was fatiguing the muscles, so I need some cardio conditioning. Not good, engaging the wrong fibres, he would prefer that if I 'have' to run... that it was short fast sprints with walking recovery - but with my toe joint the way it is that's out of the question for now. Dirk would prefer that I did more traditional powerlifting conditioning - like pushing a loaded wheel barrow, dragging a sled or flipping tractor tyres..... he even suggested pulling a car - up hill. He has the harness for it! ha ha ha errrrrr.... I think he was being serious !!

Stay tuned ....

Vicki xxx

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