Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Started the new westside routine..

Monday night.

Max squat:
Low box squat with bands. (and with Dirk spotting me!!) What fun, the bands slingshot you out of the rack and pull you down to the box with gusto and although there wasn't much weight on the bar it was bloody hard to get back up and lock out. Actually getting off the box was the hardest for me. 1 rep max with 60kg on the bar equiv to 70kg on the box and 120 at the lock out or thereabouts. Had a massive headache too which didn't help. I'll see if I can get some photo's of this during next week session.
Stiff leg deadlift off the ground 3x10
Pulldown hamstring squat - 3x10 - don't like these - cant feel anything from it
explosive busdrivers 3x10 (core)
Lever crunches - incline holding dumbbell over head 3x15
reverse hypers 3x20

Tuesday night.

Max bench:
Bench press with mini bands - again working up to a 1 rep max. hit 60kg which equates to about 70 off the chest and 90 in the lockout. Had big John and Danny spotting me for this.
Pin press lockouts - 3x10 @ 80 kg
Horizontal pullups - 3x9 (supposed to be 3x10 just couldn't crack it for the 10th rep....)
Standing cable rear delt flyes 3x15
Band pushdowns 2xmax reps (which was 15 last night)

Tonight (Wed)
R&R.... Leigh's picking me up after work and taking me out for dinner and meybeee a movie if there is anything worth seeing..... Yay! something to look forward to! Mad rush at lunchtime into the city to get a new top to wear and some little accessories. Some silly girly things to try and make me look pretty. I am utterly useless at this 'try to impress' thing... LOL. I might try to get a picture later....

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