Monday, May 21, 2007

That damn pager again

The weekend over and an ugly welcome back to the working week..... 7 days straight carrying the P1 pager. Ugghhh

It was nothing short of bloody freezing at yarrambat at the weekend. Marshalling would have been so much better from inside sheriffs office.... Madi's first grade 3 dressage test.... Mojo needs some work..... not a great result. Sunday back again where hell has frozen over.... Madi and Mojo - one refusal at the water jump in cross country course and somehow he managed to cut his foot and by the time the showjumping round was on, he was lame..... exit... stage left.

Leigh called in for dinner after being away all weekend and we decided to head off to the movies - all of us, Leigh, me, Leah, Andrew (this week's beau) and Madi. The movie: 28 weeks later - not quite the follow up to 28 days with Sandra Bullock as Leigh had suggested, but some sick scary movie about some deadly virus turning people into crazed, infected, murderous monsters..... Yep - enough to give me nightmares. So traumatized by this damn movie that when when Leigh offered to stay the night and keep me safe.... I jumped at it. Still, not a lot sleep was had..... ;-)

Max squat night and my right hip is hurting when I squat - even with no weight - this is the same as I had last year heading intot he Nationals.... I'm beginning to wonder if it seasonal!!! Talking of the nationals - the entry from and comp details arrived in the mail today.

Council Of Australian Powerlifting Organisations
-Senior National Powerlifting Championships 2007-
-National Bench Press Championships 2007-
Melbourne, Victoria

When: Saturday/Sunday 4th/5th August 2007
Where: Crest on Barkly, Comfort Inn Hotel,
47 Barkly St, St. Kilda
Melbourne, Victoria

Teenage, junior men, open, women and Intermediate men being contested on the Saturday and Open and Masters men on the Sunday followed by Presentation dinner. A qualifying standard of “2nd grade” applies to all lifters wishing to enter the Open Men’s section of the Senior National Powerlifting Championships. Open Women - no qualifying standard. Entry fee is $80 plus another $80 for those doing the National Bench Press comp. Presentation dinner $65 per head, all things going as planned I'll shout Leigh's dinner ticket to thank him for his support - in spite of my sticking with westside ( He'll get his chance to do things *his* way with me after the nationals)


Christine Petty said...

You aussies now how to do it right! Dinner and powerlifting! They leave it up to us to feed ourselves here in the states! Good luck!

Casually Me said...

Advil, rest, advil and more rest. Be careful those bands are not too much on the hips, (I am not a big fan of bands...but almost everyone else is.)