Friday, May 25, 2007

Accidents DO happen...

Set up last night to do speed squats off the box with bands and I think I must have had the bands choked too far forward and so the bar came crashing down off the pins catching me on left side. Discovered a nice bruise on my arm around the elbow this morning, My quad tho' not as sore as last night, I think has a deep bruise - not visible (yet) but it's quite sore to touch. Never the less I still squatted - swearing under my breath about now having two sore legs to contend with (yes the right hip is still giving me grief). Ignored the pain and did 12 sets of 2 reps with 35kg Plus the bar Plus the bands - speed work is meant to be light - but with the bands I still cant manage to get much speed up. Next 3 sets of 8 of good morning squats at 60kg, reverse hypers at 60kg also 3 sets of 8 and then some ab work (cable back crunches and russian decline twists) A very sore me left the gym with a limp..... :-(

Coffee club beans arrived the other day - along with the latest crema magazine.... apparently coffee is to be the next cure for baldness - the fact that you need to drink about 60 cups a day might be a little off putting, imagine training with that amount of caffeine in your system. The researchers are hoping to develop a caffeine solution that can be rubbed into your scalp....

A man was taken to hospital after police found him nailed to coffee table..... no suspicious circumstances and being treated as an unfortunate accident - he somehow managed to nail his hand to the coffee table - ouch!!

Also saw an add for a Naked portafilter (bottomless) - not sure what the advantage is but I might ask if anyone has used one over on the coffeegeeks forum. Coffee lovers - Checkout the site espresso workshop site.

Selim sent me an interesting powerpoint presentation on latte art - mostly etched stuff but has me curious enough to give it a try. So I'll have to get some chocolate syrup and have a go - of course this will mean making loads of latte's. Need to get some gerbils over to help drink all the arty attempts - anyone for coffee? Pic to the right is my handy work - a freehand rosetta.

Tonight - speed bench..... then Leigh is coming with me to SEXYLAND to checkout if they have anything good to wear to Shazza's RED & RAUNCHY party.

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Christine Petty said...

I am a latte fiend, if you'll kindly send me a plane ticket to Australia I'll be right over to drink all your coffee!