Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just another manic Monday

Monday night, I raced Madi to Lisa's house, as we thought she was booked in to do her C-Certificate exam Tuesday night. In the madness of getting home and rushing around I left my squat suit and post workout protein drink both sitting in the kitchen. It was not until I had arrived at Doherty's at 7pm that I realized - Uggghhh. What to do....?? Shazza to the rescue! As luck would have it Shaz was doing cardio and she was wonderful enough to agree to train me for bench instead.

Went over to the guys to tell them I'd be benching instead tonight and here's Jason with his arm bandaged and in a sling!! Leigh asks him "what happened Jason?". "Paper cut" was the reply and they all laughed - another dig at my incredibly sore and bruised finger - what a hilarious bunch of jokers (under Leigh's command) Revenge will be mine.

Back over to Shaz for training..... Again we worked up raw to doing doubles at 80kg (however I felt like she had a finger under the bar helping it up - she swears not.....) After that it was on with her Denim shirt - we're leaving the tough metal shirt for now, working partials on 100kg with Leigh doing the lift off as Shaz wont be at the comp. Once training was over, the mad rush back home to pick up Madi from Lisa's.

So late when I finally got to bed.... and to top it off a crappy nights sleep, mind spinning, mosquito buzzing, too hot, too cold uggghhhhh

Tuesday, as it turned out, Madi had not been put forward to do the exam - what an anti-climax! Took myself off to Definition to the the Bench supp work that I was not able to complete last night. Dumbell floor presses, elbows out press, chain pullups, cable rear delt flyes and seated row retractions.

Slept like a rock!!

Tonight - going back for 'the' squat session I was supposed to have Monday - Handy email from Leigh reminding me of all the things I need to bring for training.

Squat suit
Knee wraps



Lifting shoes

Dry spare T shirt

Sox etc

Hair net thing or scrunchie

War face and hard attitude (most people forget these because they are empty heads)

Me thinketh he is being a smartarse! LOL

Called Joanne today for a chat - haven't spoken for a couple of weeks - we're both so busy..... Too bloody busy to tell me she's gotten engaged!!! Steve popped the question last week!!! Talk about your whirl wind romance - 6months??? He's had to head off to QLD for work and after all she went thru with Martin dragging her around from place to place on a promise... she told Steve she wasn't going to move interstate unless there was some commitment from him - I don't think she was expecting a proposal tho' !! Anyway I'm so happy for her. Sad for me 'cos probably by the end of the year my best friend will have moved away again - but well on the positive side.... somewhere to go for a holiday!!

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