Thursday, April 26, 2007

Its time

Well this is it.... There wont be an update on until after the comp on Saturday (unless I sneak a quick one in after the weigh in). The body is feeling good, no niggles (thanks to the anti-inflamms -lol ) I'm confident of some big lifts and I have a 380kg total in my sights.

Day off work tomorrow, sauna in the morning as I'm still sitting just under 69kg and then off to Altona for the lunchtime weigh in. Once I've made weight I'll be heading out to review the battle plan with Leigh over a coffee and the nice array of Haigh's chocolates that I purchased today. Spotted a nice pair of shoes that should do nicely as deadlift shoes - grabbed those - they're nice and flat, soft leather upper - so as not to hurt my poor big toe and its bloody bone spur.... I tried to get new jiffies but they're no where to be found.

Check back again on Sunday for results and Monday I should have some pics and clips (via youtube) from the comp


2P said...

All the best Vicki - I look forward to reading about the results and your report.

Casually Me said...

May all your lights be white.