Sunday, April 29, 2007

1st place - Vic State Powerlifting Titles

Yep, there you go, I won the state title with a total of 345kg at 66.6kg bodyweight.

Actually, thats a lower total than I did for the masters just 6 weeks ago of 360kg. So while I am ecstatic to have won my first state open title I am a little disappointed with my lifting on the day. I opened with a 120kg squat for which I was give one red light on the right side for depth. my next lift which was to be a state record was a 135kg squat but failed on depth - 2 red lights, third attempt again 135kg 2 reds again - as it was a state record I was given a 4th attempt but I was spent, got the depth only because I could not get back up - 3 reds. Looking at the photos 2nd attempt was definately shallow but the third attempt looks borderline - they were being tough.

Failed 135kg 3rd attempt

Next the bench press, easy opener on 70kg. Jumped to 80 kg with Shazza's bench bitch shirt and got it (a comp pb for me) set up for 85kg on the third and the side judge (the one that gave me red on every squat) pulled me up because I had a tshirt under the bench shirt - which is not allowed (I'm still learning) so I had one minute to take off the bench shirt (impossible) and the tshirt and refit the bench shirt - had no time to get my belt on made the attempt at 85 but was so rushed and no belt - could not lock it out. So that was a lesson well learnt - something to be aware of in the nationals.

Finally the deadlift, opened easy on 130kg, next attempt at 145kg - 3 whites but it took its toll. 3rd attempt at 157.5 trying to beat my own pb but couldn't get it moving off the floor. Called it a day there - there was no chance of taking Shazza's deadlift record that day.

Overall the judging was harsh and erratic. They failed lots of lifters on depth for squat - one judged seemed to call it as 'if in doubt, fail it' yet on some of the other lifters who definitely did not break parallel we given the all clear. The deadlift, a lot were red lighted on failed lockouts and even one of the female competitors who got her finger caught on her suit was red lighted for 'hitching' (that is pulling up twice)

The venue was quite nice and the only complaint I would say was the air conditioning - it was way to cold. After warming up the lift, we had to put on jackets and then before the lift taken them off and freeze. Hopefully they'll sort that out for the nationals

Victorian Female competitors


Casually Me said...

The first squat should be light enough that you hit depth and there is no question. At a meet so small, make them remember your first squat. By the time you set up for your second, they will have their thumbs on the white button already. Put some doubt in their minds at the onset, and you see what happens. As far as going backwards, as far as total, chalk it up to a learning experience...find out what you are doing wrong in the gym...and correct it for your next meet. Good luck to you, and nice job. How many women were in your division, weight class?

mochamoe said...

yeah,yeah, are the best...literally

Casually Me said...

BTW, by that picture I cannot see how they called you on depth. It must have been a different infraction. Your depth was fine, at least on that one.

Louise said...

wahoo - congratulations! It's all about what happens on the day, and if 345kg was better than everyone else, then it's good enough.

why aren't you allowed to wear the t-shirt under the bench shirt? I presume it's more comfortable with it on?

2P said...

Woohoo Vicki - a win is a win is a win - don't worry about the total.


Brian Blood said...

Well Vicki the powerlifting standard must have certainly dropped over the years. I remember the days when some of the girls around your weight were doing at least 500kg totals. I wouldn't have thought that you would even qualify to lift at the Nationals with 345, anyway at least you are having a go. You seem a little concered about the red lights awarded to you. Just go deep and there will be no question. I can tell you from experience that it was a lot harder when the girls in the 80's and 90's were doing it. Leigh can tell you all about that!!! he sure was one deep squatter himself. I hope he is keeping a watchful eye on your training depth. The refs are there to do a job and you can by no way compare a photograph. If you trust your federation you trust your refs.
Keep traing hard. Brian.