Thursday, April 19, 2007

Last big squat

At Doherty's *with* all the right equipment at 7pm - ready for the last big squat session before the comp. This time using the monolift instead of the squat cage so Leigh had tee'd up with Jason to give us a hand as you really need someone spotting you and someone working the monolift.

This was my first time using the monolift and it was a little strange to start with getting under the bar and not having to walk out. Made sure my footing was correct, lift the bar off, the supports move away and squat. Started the warmup with 50kg, just to get the feel of the monolift and to get my legs and hips moving. progressed up to 80 ish before lightly wrapping my knees (
never really sure about how much in on the bar.... I leave the loading of the bar to Leigh) at around 100kg the suit went on - just half way. Then it was time to pull the straps up and get serious - doubles. Ahhh 115? 122.5?? and 135 - I had no idea what was on there until after. The first 135 did not feel deep enough, neither did the second one, but Leigh and Jason seemed to think they were pretty close - perhaps just a fraction lower would be good. Finally, after knowing that I had just done 135kg. We opted for one more attempt - a single at 140kg. With Jason ready to catch me from behind I dropped into the squat nicely...... and could not get up..... Bahhhhhh.

Well good things from this session:
a) the suit is fitting better - therefore not losing my balance.

b) I know I'll get at least a 135kg squat - which is 5k more than the record I set in March.

c) Experience in the monolift - since they are using one in the comp.

The other thing I have going for me is that we have not been using the 2.5m wraps - this will also give me some advantage on the day, they're new and they're longer! Its shaping up good!


Casually Me said...

(USAPL meet)

Weighed in at 319, which is a few lighter than I thought I would. This was a no frills meet, from another fed. No briefs allowed, (

Squats (I need to do low box squats prior to Vegas. Had some depth issues.)
1. Opened with 700 No wraps, three whites
2. Second with 735, no wraps. Three whites, but this was really the first gift I can remember getting. When I was done I was sure it was three reds. I thought about turning it down, but I did not want to show up the refs, plus never turn down a gift horse in the mouth or however that goes.
3. 750 Used wraps. 2 whites and a red, and this was better than the second.

1. Opened at 505 and fought it all the way down. Three whites.
2. Second at 520. Three whites.
3. Third at 535. Three whites.

1. Opened at 585. Easy
2. Second at 620. Not bad.
3. Passed.

Total of 1905 Highest in Michigan history, for that fed, and 7 state records. (Going to be tough to set a National one with Mr. Gillingham in the mix.)

Now I know what I need to work on for Vegas. Back to the Gym on Monday for squats, low box work...among other things...back to the drawing board...but it was a PR total.

Casually Me said...

Oh yeah....and kick some ASS at your comp. girl. Relax, have fun...and take some pics...