Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Well down to to final countdown. Last bench session yesterday and I'm keeping it quiet. Looking forward to some big lift and already starting the planning for the Nationals in August. Have set myself a goal for a 400kg total (880lbs). The comp last month saw me attain a 360kg total (792lb) I believe that the my goal is achievable. I will have some more 'shirt' time under my belt and also expect to get into a deadlift suit for the Nationals - if I can get the money together I'd like another new squat suit as well. I've mentioned before that I'd like to get the really tough 'Hardcore' squat suit from Inzer but at $US 145.00 its a big jump from the $US 42.00 'Z-suit' that I have now - with the exchange rate and shipping........ Given that the 'Max DL' deadlift suit I want is also $US 145.00 I think I'm gonna have to flip a coin and only get one. Of course having both would likely guarantee a National Tittle!!

Tonight I'll have my last training session - just a very light squat and deadlift, enough to keep the blood pumping thru the muscles and keep the joints mobile.

Stretching routine every morning and night and extra BCAA's 3 times a day. Was down to 67.7kg but now back up to 68kg, (150lb) just fluid I guess, but need to get under 67.5 for the weigh in on Friday.

Tomorrow is a public Holiday here in Australia, ANZAC day, so I get a sleep in - yay!! Carrying the pager for work tho' but at least I can stay in my jammies all day if I want to - LOL
Well that's about it for today - not much else to report, just tapering down for the big day. I know you're all rooting for me.


Footnote: New pics on AMG - Sitemeter is spinning Whoo-hooo!!


2P said...

You are looking in great shape - give em hell Vicki ;-)

Casually Me said...

I have never liked Inzer gear. However, I think you can squat and dead in a hardcore.