Monday, April 16, 2007

Back from holidays

Have been down the beach for a few days of the holidays with Madi and Mojo. Great weather and mostly relaxing.......

Except that we drove down (3 hrs almost) without any dash lights in the car and no tail lights either - and it was dark! Plus the next day we found that one of the tires on the float had blown out and the wheel brace I had did not fit the nuts on the float!! Thankfully one of the neighbors came to the rescue with the right size brace and we could get the tire off. Later in the day when we got back from the beach Madi discovered a nail in another tire on the float and with no more spares I wasn't going to pull the nail out as risk a flat tire, so on the way home we called into a tire place and replaced *all* the tires - they was on the to do list any way.

Dinner and a movie with Leigh on Sat night, saw "300". Lots of nice bodies those Spartans! LOL. I am *soooo* not used to the 'full service" date that I forgot to take my keys when Leigh picked me and so when he dropped me off - I was locked out of the house! Could only happen to me! A lovely night out ending with me breaking into my own home....

House warming BBQ yesterday, ok, I've been there for 3 years.... so??? I hate entertaining, so stressed I forgot to take pics - sorry!

Last training days coming up. Squatting tonight - again more suit work with no finger squashing! I wonder what damage I can do tonight?

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