Friday, March 30, 2007

Missing Bands

Into the gym a little bit late as I had parent/teacher interviews for Madi after school then had to feed Mojo. Was almost bordering on not going it was sooo late, but with the State comp looming I pushed on to the gym. Could not find the bands in the office where they usually are. Asked George, the owner of the gym.... and decided that speed deadlifts would have to take the place of deadlfting in bands. 10 mins later after George has made a few calls the bands are located and I'm able to do my band work! Yay. He is top notch our George! With 90kg plus bands for the remaining 7 of 12 sets x 2 reps I discovered just how much effect the bands have. Speed disappeared! Dumbell stiff leg deadlift, 75kg dumbbells using wraps again so my grip doesn't give out. I must be getting tough - no bruises on the wrists today - LOL Glute/ham raise - will I ever get this?? still only ding partials 8 reps, 7 reps, 6 reps...... Roman chair situps.... Called into the paddock on the way home to let Mojo out of the tack yard into the big paddock - pitch dark, raining and he would rather stay where he was, so had to drag my by the mane into the muddy paddock - yuck.

Home by 8pm, just in time to watch 'Saving Babies' followed by Law & Order: SVU and promptly fell asleep in the recliner during Criminal Intent. Dragged myself up to the bedroom - read for 5 mins before succumbing to the Z's

Benching with bands tonight, luckily Madi's basketball game is a late one - 8.40. Round 3 of the show jumping tomorrow - Madi doesn't ride until 11.56am so a sleep in is in order! Madi will be 15 on Sunday - so we'll be out for dinner Sunday night. Back to Being on P1 pager again Monday. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

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Casually Me said...

Bands so often? Joint pain may follow. Remember, age is closer than it may appear. LOL. Glad to see you are still training.