Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Busy again on pager this week. At least after this weekend my weekends will be pager free until mid May. It totally drains me. This week particularly will drag, not only because I have been on pager since Sunday (and yes I got paged 3 times) and don't get off until next Monday but for other more personal reasons too.

Daylight saving ends this weekend and winter will come quickly - at least I hope its a wet one - we need the rain. Its already dark in the morning and getting colder too. Finally got the orthotic re-fixed yesterday so no excuse not to get out and run.... except that its cold and dark!

Andy has pinged me for some new photo's and clips to update my page on AMG, so I'll need to engage one of my volunteer photographers again soon.

Benched for an hour under Shazza's guidance yesterday afternoon. Had bit of a headache which was no fun! Started light with a full pause at the bottom and again pause at the top. I don't want to get into any bad habits like pressing or racking before I'm given the signal. Had a few goes with the shirt on - Light again, 80kg and could not bring the bar down more than a couple of centimeters, but at least I'm keeping 'better' form - still not perfect. Later I completed my training at Definition - supplemental work. Triceps - reverse California press 30kg 3 sets of 10, overhead press 20kg 3 sets of 10, wide row 100lb 3 sets of 12 (needed the wrist straps as my grip was giving out - so again I have bruised wrists)


My left elbow is totally trashed, I have an appointment for a ultrasound in April for lateral epicondyle - but now have developed medial pain as well. Grrrr. Lower back has eased off and I can toss around in the bed freely... however I've been so tired lately I just pass out and dont move! (falling asleep in the recliner repeatedly at 8pm - sad) Could still do with a decent massage. Might try for a really early one on Friday before the pager kicks in. My neck is also in bad shape - from benching so I'll get that worked thru as well.

Bit a of a whingy update isnt it? Sorry. I'm a little out of sorts this week. Grumpy. Coffee machine at work is still out of order.... how do they expect us to function without a decent caffeine fix? Never mind - I'll be fine once the weekend comes around, I've something to look forward to....

Not training tonight, Tuesdays are becoming too hard to squeeze in anything now that Leah is working afternoon shift, I have to ferry Madi from basketball training 5.30-6.30 to C-Certificate training at Pony club 7 - 8.30. So max squat will have to wait until Wednesday. I am going to have to organize myself a little better.

That's it for now... cya!

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