Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stupid Girl

Well I did end up training last night. Madi couldn't make basketball training because some idiot thought it would be funny to trip her at school playing basketball and she's banged her knee up pretty bad. So in all the excitement of going training I left my squat boots at home! Doh! Stupid girl! Funny how some tools very quickly become essential (unlike my bench shirt) Anyway still managed a 85 kg ultra low box squat max. Carefully executed the zercher squats 3 sets of 10 with 50kg - it is damn uncomfortable to have the bar in crook of your arms! Below knee partial deadlifts were next - at 100 kg. Decided that I should use reverse grip. For competition I always go left hand under right hand over. So for the sake of balance I trained the other way for all 3 sets of 10. Called it a night there as I only had decline situps and side bends to go and thought it better not to push my lower back on these just yet. I have booked a short massage for tomorrow morning, 1/2 hour with someone who is not Kelly - but I really need to have my lower back massaged.

R&R tonight, try to catch up on some TV shows that I've recorded, Law and Order and stuff, got Boston Legal out of the way last night..... So glad Nora is dead in Desperate Housewives - what a pain in the arse she was!

Catching up with Jo tomorrow night after training - girly stuff and gossip, I'd take a bottle of wine except its a long drive back from Seville and I'm whacked after 1 glass! Besides, her boyfriend Steve will be there stifling the gossip. He's applying for a job in North Queensland and after the disaster that was Martin, I don't think Jo's too keen to pull up roots and move interstate.

Right, I'm off early today - had enough of the pager. Four more days of this wretched thing.

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Casually Me said...

Advil, advil, advil. It so nice I named it thrice. Best there is.