Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Training update

Started this update yesterday and got too busy to finish......

Monday evening over to Doherty's to start sorting out my leg training and so Leigh can asses what sort of weight we should use in training. Started with walk outs - the idea being to get used to coming out of the rack with a heavy weight. Simple enough you would think, but set up for a big squat is very important and feeling the weight on your back and stepping backwards is not so easy. Walked out with a max of 140kg. Partial squats - starting from the squat position under the bar and driving up. Similar to the low box squat but not the same. The bar is sitting on supports in the rack and you have to get under to set up. First couple of sets were ok, then Leigh added just 5kg and I couldn't lift it. Now it wasn't heavy, but starting from the bottom of the squat takes a lot of effort and I needed to get my head around the fact that I *could* do it. Once I got the first rep - all was ok. Finished legs off with some single leg extensions - light, 2 sets of 15 reps + 1 set of 10 - quads were burning and weak! Last on the list was some ab work, decline situp with an overhead dumbell and cable sidebends (per my westside training).

Went out for coffee down Sydney Rd with Leigh afterward to discuss training and stuff.......

Benched with Shaz on Tuesday, but before I was allowed to start I was grilled about my dinner date with Leigh at the weekend. How did she know about it? Seems her and Leigh had caught up that morning and had coffee - - Gossips! I showed her the Inzer knee wraps he bought me and she responded "Oh, How romantic" LOL. Well, from one powerlifter to another...... :-)

When I was finally allowed to bench I managed a double at 80kg - RAW! very happy with myself. A couple of guys in the gym were impressed as Shaz told them that I had no idea how much I was benching and then she told me! 80kg! Then it was time to get the shirt on. Struggle to get it on, belt up, wrist wraps, chalk... I'm breaking into a sweat before I even touch the bar! Partial reps again - half way only with 100kg. Very happy, kept my back tight and shoulders down, finally some progress! As Shaz moved on to her next client I was 'ordered' to do more incline rows, light and high reps - 15's alternating each set overhand and underhand grips - 6 sets in all.

My new squat suit from Inzer is on its way - expected to arrive next Monday, April 2nd:

Type: Package
Status: In Transit
Shipped to: MELBOURNE, AU
Shipped or Billed on: 28/03/2007
Service Type: EXPRESS
Weight: .80 Lb

Package Progress
Location Date Local Time Description
28/03/2007 19:24 ORIGIN SCAN

Tracking results provided by UPS: 28/03/2007 21:55 Eastern Time (EST)/New York Time (USA)

Its another Z-suit, size 30 - 2 sizes smaller, ordered this one in navy blue to distinguish it from the what will now just be a training suit. Would still like to get a Hardcore suit but at $US145 I'll leave that for the Nationals in 2008 when I hope to challenge the National Squat record. Still on the wish list for this years Nationals is a proper deadlift suit and slippers (still eying off the pretty pink ones but I think my supporters on the day might disown me. LMAO.

That's it.... Advice, comments,support and donations all welcome!!


Vicki xxx

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