Friday, March 02, 2007

Short update

Caught up with Dirk last night at the gym - he's on a different mobile temporarily which is why he didn't respond to my sms.... he didn't know I'd sent one! Upshot is we're having a sit down tonight at 6.30 to work out the training plan for the next 6 weeks. He's leaving the max bench and max squat stuff to Shazza and Leigh respectively and so we will work on max effort supplementals and speed training, concentrating on triceps, upperback hammies and of course core! Received an email from Leigh too, so its all falling into place.

Short workout last night - speed bench and technique work.

Speed bench worked up from just the bar to 6 sets of 3 fast reps at 50kg - holding form.
dumbell tricep press 25lb 3sets of 10
single arm reverse tricep press (light & fast) 30lb 3 sets of 12
rope face pulls (light again and strict) 100lb 3 sets of 10
incline ab curls 10kg 3 sets of 10

Tonights basketball game has been cancelled as the opposition team has forfeited. Early start tomorrow. First day of the Showjumping series and we'll need to have Mojo down at the pony club by 7am!

Maybe on msn at the weekend and maybe an update- if I get paged :-( Otherwise... See ya Monday.

Vicki xxx

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