Monday, March 26, 2007

Training? whats that?

Missed a couple of training days...... Sometimes life just gets in the way. Thursday night all set for deadlifting in bands when the call for help goes out..... Mum! I've lost my car keys. Yep, Leah had managed to get all the way into work, lock her car and at some point lose her keys..... So, knowing that I was expected at Jo's place in seville at 8.30 I had to drop the training session and drive back into the city with Leah's spare keys - damn peak hour traffic!. Got home in time to give Madi a kiss goodbye before heading out to Jo's.... Oh and Leah's keys... turns out they were locked *in* her car!

Finally met Steve, Jo's new boyfriend. Pretty quiet guy. Think our discussion on fanny waxing was a bit too over the top for him. She's none too keen to move to QLD where Steve has applied for a job as he'll be away for 12 days at a time leaving her on her own in some small town - without a job.

Friday night again missed training, Madi's basketball game saw us out at Waverly for a reasonably early game and with having to pick up one of the players along the way there just want enough time to get to the gym.

DARC sat morning..... Raining, so I stayed in bed thinking if the pager is quiet I'll go to the gym.... No such luck! Spent all afternoon getting paged over and over again. Especially annoyed as it was interfering with my dinner plans with Leigh. Speaking of whom,not only did the darling boy take me to dinner at the Meat & Wine Co. Restaurant at Southbank he also brought me back a cap from the Police and Fire games *and* gave me a new set of Inzer knee wraps to train in. He's certainly scoring some serious points with me. And to think, he's going to help me with my squatting too - I feel very special!

Sunday, much the same.... no worse, if thats possible! Paged non stop and worked all afternoon again. Thankfully its over now - next week back on pager again with the newly extended hours 8am to 3pm coverage but no weekends until mid May! Definitely training tonight!! Nothing's gonna stop me.

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