Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hungry hungry hippo

Thank God my appetite has returned!

I was struggling to get a decent amount of food in each day since the comp. I'm still sitting at 67kg a week later! Very concerned as I didn't even have any chocolate cravings - now that's serious! Even resorted to taking a sachet of the gawd damn awful protein powder I bought last year when I went to India - where I thought I might fade away from not eating the sacred cow - I worship them too - when they're on my dinner plate. Anyways, trammed it into the city, picked up some Haighs choc almonds and whiskey truffles, spotted a pair shoes (mental note to go back after pay day - hmmm think I'm developing so kind of shoe fetish) called into Evelyn Faye Nutrition to get some more Fish oil and Glucosamine tabs, grabbed an Aussie Bodies Coffee flavored protein drink and that save me from the sachet.... Not naming the product, its not a massive well known brand name anyway, but this one just makes me want to gag....... BUT... this morning, I'm back in form and ever hungry. Of course just as I put it on it will be time to strip it off again.... Is this what they call yo-yo dieting?

Trained last night
- but I dont have my sheet with me so I can only tell you what I remember.... Decline bench to a max 1 rep of 75kg. Daniel encouraged me to go for 80 but I needed help and it was crappy form. Today my front delts are sore.... Dirk is determined to get my triceps up, so next was reverse California presses 3 sets of 10 of around 20kg followed by another 3 sets of 10 of Overhead EZ bar press with 15kg? By then it was 6.45pm and I remembered I had to get Madi down to pony club for C certificate training - so I'll need to complete my training tonight - wide seated rows, dumbbell flyes/shrugs (superset) and Cuban press. At least I was able to cut out at the end of the tricep work.

Picked up a new book to read while I was in the city, went to bed at 9.30 to read but couldn't keep my eyes open for more than 3 pages........ and only 1 whiskey truffle....

Cheers Vicki xxx

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Casually Me said...

Never understood decline benches. They are not the same groove as a regular bench. They are not that great for tris, as compared to board presses, floor presses, and close grips. To me they are the same as doing leg presses....good for the ego. Of course, just my opinion and I have been wrong before. Predictions for my meet in June...825 or so squat, 600 bench, and a 645 dead. (These are updated numbers as training has been very good to me...and I bought a new shirt and suit.) Yes, I know my dead still