Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Yeah I know, haven't written up anything since last week. Excuses? Hmmm... been a little distracted..... in a nice way.

So the weekend - disaster struck again. I'm beginning to have a real dread of pony club events. Mojo had thrown a shoe up at the paddock, and then threw in the last round of showjumping. Then as Madi is getting him ready to float home she notices that he's kicking his belly and sweating up - shit! colic! Called the vet (yep Saturday call out - great) He already has 2 other colic cases ahead of us. So, Mojo was getting worse and in a lot of pain and wanting to lie down, which is a bit no-no - if they roll they can twist their bowels - and that can be fatal! So Madi and I spend the next 2 and half hours walking Mojo up and down and drenching him with water. And just to top it off I got paged for work - what doesn't kill us make us stronger... right? The vet finally arrives, confirms colic and gives Mojo a sedative and some pain killers and proceeds to do a rectal exam - eoooww glad I'm not a vet - glad I'm not Mojo (shudder). Everything is nice and soft internally as it should be.... After an hour we can float him back up the paddock and then have to check him hourly until 11 pm when the painkiller will have worn off and then once again at 3am and 6am. He's recovering nicely now - thankfully, and the farrier is booked for Thusday morning. So we can event again this weekend!

Winded up being a very expensive weekend.... have no idea what the vet bill will be , but the call out alone is $120. Madi's birthday coming up - and SaddleUp had some long riding boots on sale... $200. Then I get the 'I need a graphics calculator for school' from Madi.... Fu...dge $250. Told her if she's loses that at school not to come home! Thankfully I got paged and earnt some extra money! Mojo's new Nike's will set me back another $100 this week and still some powerlifting gear I need.... gonna have to prioritize.

raining - yep that thing I do - back into it last night at Doherty's Started on my latest westside routine. Ultra low box squats - working up to a one rep max. I managed 80kg off the very low box - I should be able to better than pretty quickly Zercher squats - how uncomfortable! Light 30kg while I get a feel for these - 3 sets of 10 reps Rack pulls below knee - (knew I should have worn shorts!) 100kg 1 set of 10 and then messed up with 110 and only managed 2 sets of 6 - meant to do 3 sets of 10 - next week I'll know better. Decline weight cable crunch - no idea what weight I was using ... again should be 3 sets of 10, managed 2 sets of 2 plus 1 set of 4 ?? and finished the last 6 reps without the cable. Reverse Cable side bends - ie pushing the weight down and returning to centre - 40kg 3 sets of 10. Overall a good wrokout - but there's more in me I think - need to go even harder next week. Suitably sore butt today - all good.

Email from Webby yesterday about the State Titles - Saturday April 28. Venue is the Crest on Barkley Hotel, St Kilda. Printed off my entry form. CAPO fees are due as well. This comp I will take Shazza's Deadlift record! Bringing my tally of State Open records to TWO of the Three. Squat and Deadlift. Bench will come!

Spent some time with Leigh after training, discussing various aspects of powerlifting training, getting to know where he's coming from in the sport and where this will all lead for me. Its all looking good for my future in powerlifting. Some long standing records are set to tumble.

New TITAN wraps arrived today - wrist and longer knee ones. I'll save these for the State titles, then according to Leigh these should become my training wraps and get new ones again for the next comp. Which for me will be the Nationals in August.

On the work front.... the 'be nice to the support guys' is working - I guess. Much to my disgust they now actively seek help from me - which means constant interruptions and I must resist the urge to bite them on the arse. I even put my hand up to do an 11g feature assessment for them - of course this was after the BR (Backup& Recovery) team had already picked the choice topics - leaving the shit ones that no-one wanted.... So my choice of the two crud topics that were left: Multi-instance parallel media recovery. Anyway its just a feature assessment - no debugging. On a more interesting note, Beverly from DDR in Germany let me know their may be an 11g code handover in the coming months in HQ in sunny California. Will have to start working on my justification to management to get myself on the attendees list.

Bench tonight..... must ring Shaz.

Late update: just back from our team meeting - we're being shafted - AGAIN! Longer hours on the pager and more frequent weekend oncall. What do we get in return - Zilch! Oh sorry thats not right is it - we get to do more work. Ugghhh.

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Casually Me said...

Nice job on getting back into the gym. I do so enjoy getting shipments for powerlifting. I am like a little kid. I had them speed ship a squat suit, used it once and decided not to use it again til end of April. It was a bear to get on, lol. Of course 750 flew up on the squat today, so I was happy...this without wraps. Get to try the new bench shirt out tomorrow. Decided not to compete again til June, in Vegas. My training is going to well to take time off to get some little trophy, lol.