Tuesday, March 13, 2007


You know when you know you just shouldn't have..... Woke up yesterday morning a bit stiff in the lower back, put it down to sleeping awkwardly. Went to the gym for a big leg workout got thru the ultra low box squats with a 1 rep max of 85kg.... I tried 90kg but went down and stayed there. Next up were Zercher squats and although these were light at 40kg I went down and something just gave..... Belted up and finished the 3 sets - carefully. Wasn't sure if I'd be able to do my rack pulls - loaded the bar to 100kg and really held myself tight but I could feel this wasn't a good thing.... didn't push myself too hard. Side bends also hurt as well as the decline cable situps - which I only managed 2 sets of partial reps - I just wasn't chancing it. Sleep poorly last night, unable to move without causing a lot of pain. This morning rolled out of bed, still in lots of trouble.... its muscular strain only tho... not a disk out I know what that's like from a long long time ago. Coupla days..... She'll be right mate.

Weekend events:

Madi and Mojo did really well in the dressage section of the Hickstead sitting in equal 5th place at the end of the day. Sunday's cross country was disappointing tho with Mojo refusing one of the 'easy' jumps and knocking the rail off the last jump and putting them both out of ribbon contention. Madi was not happy....

Madi and Mojo at gear check before the dressage event.

Back to Sat night..... Met Leigh outside Dallas Brooks Hall for the finals of the Pro show. Here are the placings and a couple of pics I took. Check out the results page for more pics and info on each of the competitors.

1 Dexter Jackson

2 Ronny Rockel

3 Vince Taylor

4 Martin Kjellstrom

5 Hidetada Yamagishi

6 Joel Stubbs

7 John Hodgson

8 Wong Hong

9 Luke Wood

10 Mossimo Villi

11 Neil Gardner

Martin Kjellstrom - isn't he just gorgeous!!!

Went out for supper with Leigh after the show and we 'chatted' until the wee hours.... I'm going to try to get over to Adelaide next week for the World Police and Fire Games where Leigh is competing in the Bench Press on Wednesday morning. Shaz was thinking of driving over and asked if I'd like to come with her. So.... I may be in Adelaide for a couple of days next week. Watchout!!

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Bodybuilding pics? Bodybuilding pics? I don't even know you any more. LOL.