Thursday, March 01, 2007

She got the job!!

Starting Monday Leah joins the ranks of the 'employed' working for the Victoria Police as a clerical assistant doing criminal record checks for employers, volunteers etc. Looks like my life of crime will have to come to an end.... ha ha ha . Its a temp job for 3 to 4 months and hopefully she'll go back to Uni in the second semester to finish her nursing course. She plans to keep her part time job at Coles and work weekends so that when she returns to Uni she'll still have some part time work to fund her social life. We'll see how long working 7 days a week lasts......

Went out with Leah and Madi last night to celebrate, although I wasn't really feeling up to it. Could easily sleep for a week I think! Somehow I ended up shouting dinner at the pancake parlor - yumm and then we went to see an early (6.30pm) session of Hannibal Rising - yes I finally finished the book! The book is better than the movie! Raced out as soon as it finished to be home in time to watch House!

Sadly, all this frivolity will have to conclude... and I'll have to buckle down for some serious training in the coming weeks. Haven't heard from Dirk and need to sit down with him to sort out my westside training plan. I should try putting something together with what I have learned and see what he thinks. Will venture down to the gym tonight to see if he's there.... might even train a little.... LOL.

Still waiting to hear from Leigh about getting some pointers for my squatting. Webby was going to pass my email addy to him. I'm pretty keen to hear from Leigh. Boys... they never call. LOL.

Weekends are booking up fast. Just booked myself and Madi in for a show jumping clinic on April 21 with Adam Wooton. Adam has trained with George Morris, an American Show Jumping team coach and Adam is currently competing for the Australian Sporting Equine Academy. I think DARC booked him last year for one of our rallies. If I remember rightly, he was great for getting my confidence back after a few falls and bad experience with another coach. Will have to be careful tho' a its the week before the State titles - don't want any accidents!

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Casually Me said...

Vicki, check out this website.
She is a world record holder, and a great squatter/deadlifter. She is also really good at getting sponsors, and has a store where she sells titan gear. She is great to buy from/talk to as she is a great female lifter, and knows all about the gear. Her squat form is impeccable.